Pastry Course

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Each year, Pertikan Center for Advanced Pastry Studies (CAPS) program offers a variety of single and multi-day continuing education pastry courses for working baking and pastry professionals taught by master chefs and critically acclaimed artists from all over the world. Curated by Program Director Kathryn Gordon, this series is designed by pastry chefs for pastry chefs. At CAPS, you will refine your skills, learn new and innovative techniques and expand your current repertoire with advanced pastry classes among your peers.

Pastry course is two part

first part is training traditional pastry and Iranian pastry  and favorate cake such as: Coconut Cookies, Raisins Cookies,Latifeh Pastry,Yazdi Cookies,Anari Baghlava,Marsepan,Muffin,Redvelvet,cheese Cake,Birhday cake

Second part is training industrial pastry and none cream sweets.  In this course you can learn how to work industrial machines for confectionery such as industrial ovens and Rollfix and training sheet dough and pastry such napeleon,danish pastry,

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